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HP × SCADpro

SCAD worked under the guidance of HP, Adobe, Intel, and Nvidia to increase brand awareness and usage for the ZBook product through an omni-channel approach to include experiences and other education-focused marketing tools, to show a specific audience the creative power of the ZBook.


10 Week SCADpro



January 2021

10 Weeks


Arjun Gupta -->

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Adobe Suite




2D Video

Success Video &


3D Video

Our Task

This project spanned 2 quarters and had 30 designers from 11 different majors talk part in its development. HP tasked student and faculty collaborators of the innovation studio, SCADpro, with increasing awareness of the ZBook line among young creators. 

Our Solution

Our solution was two free webinar experiences that would help prepare young creatives for the workforce while highlighting 2D and 3D workflows on Z by HP products. 

My Roles

I was the Visual Design Lead for this project, designing visuals for the marketing of this experience and to be used on the ON24 platform while also maintaining consistency of graphics amongst branding guidelines for our 4 partners. Aside from this, I was part of the market research team, researching and analysing current experiences on the market. 


Over the course of 2 quarters, the teams researched, conceptualized, developed, marketed and finally produced the 2D and 3D experiences for them to go live to the public. I was a part of the 2nd phase of the project, where our teams were focussed on producing and executing the final 2 experiences. Below is our final success video that encapsulates the essence of our project. 

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3D Experience

The 3D event was hosted by Sabour and Josh from NVIDIA and HP, respectively. They went over various 3D workflows over different software, showcasing innovative methods and techniques, and some pretty amazing end results.


Want to know more? The details of this project are under NDA at the moment, but I am able to talk about it on a one-to-one basis with anyone who is interested in my work. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more details!

2D Experience

The 2D event was hosted by Orlando Arocena, aka @Mexifunk. The event was a live demonstration of various techniques in Adobe Illustrator. Orlando was accompanied by our own team from SCADpro during the event.

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