Hello! I'm Arjun


I’m from New Delhi, India, and I am 21 years old. I am currently a  Junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I’m majoring in User Experience Design, and minoring in Industrial Design and Graphic Design.

I've had a multi-faceted journey to UX design. I started off as a Computer Science student, but found it wasn’t for me. I moved to Game Development and Industrial Design in an attempt to explore related fields. I took a few User Experience classes as a part of my ID curriculum, and I fell in love. I realized UX was the right fit for me because I wanted to tackle real life issues and enhance experiences through creating tangible Innovation that users can interact with. 

I aim to create functional, efficient and memorable experiences, as well as solve problems through the application of Human Centered Design and Research. I ultimately want to improve people's lives and leverage technology to create innovation that has a lasting positive impact. My strengths in UX lie in Visual Design, Information Architecture and Interaction Design. I am extremely passionate and always eager to learn, improve and adapt. I have extensive leadership and collaborative experience, and I would love to get in touch!

I would love to get in touch with you! Reach out through any of these platforms.


"Arjun brought with him dynamism and a strong work ethic, and was exemplary in the delivery and quality of his work." - Sanjay Jain, CEO of CLKM 

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