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Tesla Model 3 IA Redesign

A critique and redesign of the Information Architecture of the Tesla Model 3 UI, looking at structure, labelling, organization and navigation.


April 2021

1 Week



Adobe Suite


Final Presentation

IA Redesign

IA Analysis


The Tesla Model 3 UI is hard to absorb in certain aspects and information is difficult to read sometimes, resulting in prolonged screen time, endangering the driver and the passengers.

Some labelling is ambiguous which further can result in confusion, frustration and distrust for the UI.


To reduce ambiguity in labelling, to make important information easier to understand whilst on the move and to create an overall more user friendly experience for the Tesla Model 3.

Key Changes

The different mental models were taken into consideration whilst designing the changes.

Key Changes have been made to Structural Hierarchy, Screen Layout and Item acces, Task Flows, Label Contextualization, Route Monitoring and searching systems.


The presentation is a walkthrough of the process and the final outcomes of this project. 

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The redesign looks into improving the screen layout and visual hierarchy,  streamlining task flows and search methods, adding route monitoring and improving feature placement / adding new features where needed.


This redesign therefore touches on key IA flaws in the Tesla Model 3 UI and therefore creates potential for a smoother and more confident user experience.


This project was a fantastic learning experience for me. I have never had such a deep dive into the information architecture of a system like this before, and I got a lot of insight on how information and interactions should be presented to users in different contexts.

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