This redesign of the Excalibur sword was designed and built in the span of one week. Everything was designed and built from scratch, and the sword was fashioned out of a singular plank of Poplar wood. 

I decided to built this sword during a class I had taken based on Arthurian literature, with the intention of adding some flair to his sword. 

I started by processing a raw plank of Poplar, after which I I cut out the shape for the blade. I then put the blade through the Router to get the angle and sharpness for the blade.

The blade has been elaborately engraved. I created all of those engravings on Adobe Illustrator, and then etched them onto the blade using a laser cutting machine. 

I laminated 5 blocks of wood together, which I proceeded to lathe to create the handle. The hilt was created separately with 3 different pieces. A wooden dowel is driven from the hilt, going to the blade to provide structure and strength. 


The sword was then sanded and primed over multiple iterations to get the smoothest finish possible. It was then masked and painted accordingly, clear coated, and for the final touches, I wrapped the handle in black leather.