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Kaizen is a zen money-management voice assistant that makes managing your money stress free and accessible by creating a safe and comfortable environment through a VUI based AI assistant.

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10 Weeks

Interactive Product Design

Arjun Gupta

Nandika Gupta

Sejal Mittal

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Kaizen at a quick glance
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Delving deeper

Kaizen is our solution.

Physical Product

The physical product is what houses "Kai", the voice assistant. It is what the users direct their voice to. We chose to go with this form due to it's zen appearance. According to our users, the form made them feel calm and they felt like the form matched the Kai's chill, wise monk personality.

The leaves of the product are green by default, but they go brown if the user doesn't keep in tune with their goals and lets their financial management go awry. This acts as a visual and emotional motivator to keep to one's goals.

Voice Interaction Video

A prototyped Voice Interaction with Kai, the voice assistant.

How did we get here?

We did a lot of primary and secondary research to better understand our problem area. Our main objectives were to learn about people’s spending, budgeting & saving habits & to understand the needs and frustrations of our users surrounding money management.

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We created personas to better relate our research and target audience to our product ideation. These personas were aligned with our 3 main archetypes to better consolidate our features and functions.

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Introducing Kaizen
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The Voice of Kaizen

Since Kaizen is a voice assistant, we needed to prototype Kai's voice using a platform. We initially tried Google's Voice AI Kit, but later shifted to VoiceFlow, an online voice interaction prototyping platform due to its increased flexibility and better voice quality and customizability.

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User Testing

We conducted 3 rounds of user testing to iterate on our concept and prototype. 

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User Testing Insights (physical form)-1.
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User Testing Insights (app).png
User Testing Insights (physical form)-2.
User Testing Insights (physical form)-3.
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The Final Product

After extensive testing, feedback and iteration, our final product is effective and user informed. 

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Interactive Prototype
Looking Back

I also grew a lot in the personal sphere as a designer as well. Our team comprised of only 3 designers, which is smaller than the norm of 5. This pushed us a lot in terms of time management over the 10 weeks but I learnt how to manage my time better and optimize my scheduling and work life balance.

I also explored a multitude of new visual design skills and techniques which further helped me develop my skills and further progress as a designer. I look forward to applying these newly learned skills to future projects and explorations. 

Kaizen was an incredible learning experience for me. Working with the concept and considerations of Voice AI presented a unique challenge really pushed us as a team to think in various different directions. It was a great learning experience to explore the world of AI and its integration into a real-time concept. 

Process Book PDF

Want to see the whole process, start to end? Download the process book below.