HardCore FoamCore


HardCore FoamCore is an Industrial Design competition hosted by the Industrial Design Department at SCAD. My team of 8 was assigned to design and build a ridable, load bearing lawnmower over the span of 2 weeks, using ONLY Foamcore boards and paper materials, glue, paint and tape.

I was assigned the role of Team Captain, and spearheaded the design and build process. Scroll down to see how we designed and built the car. Our build was awarded the FIRST prize amongst a total of 14 different teams! 


We started off by creating some sketches. We wanted our lawnmower to be Mad Max themed, resembling a hotrod. It had to be big, and it had to be badass. A huge engine in the front, big rear wheels, and even bigger presence. Those were our main thoughts as we went on with the rest of the process. 


Our next, and perhaps most important step ( since the lawnmower had to be fully ridable and load bearing ) was to construct a chassis out of cardboard tubing, and a close-knit mesh of foamcore boards. This chassis had to make sure that the car was able to support the weight of another person on the axles, as well as taking into design and dimensional constraints. 


After our base was built, the next few steps involved adjustment work, and designing and building the individual body panels. These were then placed onto the foamcore board mesh structures we had created as part of the original base chassis of the car. 

There were a lot of on the fly adjustments that had to be made due to keep maximum structural integrity as well to accommodate design changes that were being made throughout the process. 

IMG_20200928_064117 (1).jpg

 We added highlights and decorative elements using different paints and tapes, and after many hours of hard work, our car was finally ready for battle. 


Based on the vote, Team 6 was adjudged the WINNERS! An incredibly exhilarating moment for each one of us!