EN[SPACE] was researched, designed, prototyped and tested in the span of 48 hours by our team for the SCADpro Wellness Challenge.


Due to the pandemic, a lot of us are stuck at home, alone and frustrated, overworking ourselves or completely demotivated. A big part of this is the lack of separation of our space for different activities like rest, creation, leisure and work.

EN[SPACE] is our solution to this issue.

Team Members
My Roles

48 hours 

SCADpro Wellness 


Arjun Gupta

Quint Bailey

Sejal Mittal


Product Pitch

Product Designer

Visual Designer

UX Research 



Environment affects 

work-life balance. 

  • The corona virus pandemic has widely affected people's mental health and have left them feeling isolated, bored, anxious and overwhelmed.

  • SCADpro Wellness Survey shows feelings of being stressed, bored and other mental health issues were more prevalent in the age group 18-24

  • Sectigo survey shows 50% or more productivity from employees

  • This comes at a cost: NordVPN says its professional users track 3 more hours of corporate log-in time than pre-covid
    according to a survey of 2,000 people by LinkedIn and the Mental Health Foundation. More than half of those surveyed (56%) said that they felt “more anxious and stressed” about work than they did before the pandemic.

  • Remote working is encouraging a culture of so-called e-presenteeism, where workers feel they should be available 24/7 – even when they are unwell.

  • The same goes for college students, and with the pressure of studies and jobs, it's taking a toll on their mental health.



3 Hrs

Stressed or Worried

18-24 years old

Productivity Increase 

More time spent working

Screenshot (123).png
  • For our primary research, we took 3 interviews. We then collated all of our combined insights onto our Miro Board.​​

  • We then created User Archetypes, to better understand our target audience, which would be college students and working professionals. 

Uppn' Adam 

Burnt Burt


"Let's make the most of lockdown"

"I just can't do everything I need to do"

"This can't be happening.."

  • Our key takeaways were as follows:

  • People felt burnt out. Many were unable to separate their work life from their personal life.

  • Anxiety levels were higher than before. Psychological wellness suffered due to the pandemic.

  • Many experienced a dip in motivation.

  • With our research, we were able to solidify the direction we wanted to go in with this project, and thus drafted our How Might We statement as follows:

How might we create a solution that transforms one’s singular space into multiple separate, interactive, and engaging environments to better aid focus and productivity?

EN[SPACE] is our solution.

Screen 5.png

Extensive customisation ability for each individual feature, as well as multi device connectivity

screen 6.png
Screen 1.png
Screen 2.png


A new way to engage with your space. 

EN[SPACE] is a space and time management system as well as a new means of connecting with other people, consisting of a combination of a physical product which includes a speaker, an essential oil diffuser and a lamp along with an app.

EN[SPACE] let's you create customized environments, or "Scenes" to suit your mood and vibe, using a combination of fragances (through essential oil diffusion), lighting, and sound. 

Screen 3.png

EN[SPACE] allows you to manage and engage with your space differently with the aid of fragrance, light and music

screen 4.png

The app contains preset scenes as well as a Scene Studio to create and customize your own scenes

Active scenes will be displayed on a Scene screen, with inbuilt timers to help you keep track!

screen 7.png

En[Space] includes a profile feature which is how the user represents themselves in the

En[Space] community.


The device lets you plan out your days by the hour, as well as keep scheduled day plans as reminders. The scenes change in accordance to the plan created.

screen 9.png
screen 8.png
screen 11.png
smartwatch mockups.png
screen 10.png
Render 1
Render 1

Some renders made for the product

Render 2
Render 2

Render 6
Render 6

Render 1
Render 1

Some renders made for the product


En[Space] allows to you make friends and be part of a community, giving you access to many different scenes from many different people.


You can share your customized simulation and environment settings with friends and family, adding a new dimension to the act of "sharing your playlist", making it feel more personal and immersive