Chandalal Kalyanmal (CLKM) is a wood and timber company based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (IN). They are one of the state's oldest and largest wood wholesalers. I had the pleasure of working with them as a Lead Design Consultant over the course of 4 months, from May 2020 to September 2020. 

I worked in the design and product development spheres of the company. I worked on re-designing and building their website on mobile and desktop platforms, collaboratively developed product strategy with their in-house design and strategy team, and created, handled and strategized social media content. I also rebuilt the visual identity for the brand.  

Showcased here is the final website I designed and built for them. The website was made using WIX. 

Screenshot (73).png

I used a mixture of Wix Images and images supplied to me directly by the company for this website. CLKM wanted the site to be a platform for customers to be able to view their product range and contact information, as well as to get a feel of the company, its values and its utmost dedication to the customer. 

I tried to keep the colors for the site and their branding identity subtle and soft, while using serif text to add a classy note to the whole experience. I incorporated soft browns, beige tones and greens into the site to suit the overall feel of their brand identity as well as to create a pleasant and premium visual appeal. 

Screenshot (74).png
Screenshot (80).png

Each image on the product menu was carefully selected keeping in mind the color palette and premium feel of the website and company. 

Screenshot (81).png
Screenshot (76).png

The company wanted to emphasize the care they put into their work and the experience of their customers. This is why I decided to create a 'Process' section in the 'About' tab so that customers are able to see the behind the scenes process of how the company works. 

Screenshot (78).png

There are Google map directions to their head offices at the bottom of the Home and Contact pages for easy access.


I was also tasked with building a mobile version for the website, which has been showcased below. 


All in all, this was an incredibly enriching experience for me. I got to work alongside other designers, as well as their product strategy team and major company stakeholders to create a product that would be best suited to their customer base and their brand identity. I learnt a lot about collaborative team dynamics in a design space and how to merge interdisciplinary talent and workflows into one integrated space.