CHRONO was a graphic design project I created for my class GRDS 205, in an attempt to create a magazine for print and digital layouts.

I chose to do a magazine based on watches, as they are something I'm very passionate about and interested in. The magazine intends to showcase watches in their entirety, tiniest detail, inside and out. I wanted it to have a classy and sophisticated appeal. This goal influenced a lot of my design choices for this project. 

The watches are models sourced from GrabCAD. I rendered them myself in Keyshot 9 using custom materials and lighting. I composited all of imagery in Adobe Photoshop, and used Adobe Illustrator to lay out the typography. 

The print magazine in laid out as follows :-

The front and back covers 

front cover scaled.jpg
plz work plzz.jpg

Table of contents 


AP Royal Oak Spreads 

spread 1.jpg
spread 2.jpg

Patek Philippe Nautilus Spreads 

nautilus 2.jpg
nautilus 1.jpg

iPad Magazine ( With scroll considerations )

cover 1.jpg
cover 2.jpg
ipad 2.jpg
ipad 1.jpg
ipad 3.jpg
naut spread 1.jpg
naut 4.jpg