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In this invite-only design challenge, ADI partnered with SCADpro to find fresh solutions to their difficult problems. Our team was adjudged one of the 3 winners of the challenge by ADI.



Invite Only Design Challenge


February 2021

48 Hours



Adobe Suite


Keyshot , Solidworks


Final Product Designs


and Pitch

User Interface Prototype

Our Task

SCADpro partnered with ADI to create an Invite-Only challenge to find bold, new strategies for its upcoming Capture brand launch. 9 handpicked student teams participated in this challenge, paired with a faculty mentor and given 48 hours to come up with innovative solutions for ADI's new brand. 

Our Solution

A dock made of materials ADI already has access to, and a break-through, modular demo kit that's as engaging as it is versatile, to increase customer retention and engagement in stores.

My Roles

I was the Product Design Lead for this challenge. I also was part of the visual design and creating user journeys to demonstrate the value add of our product in different customer interactions.

From 9 handpicked student teams by SCADpro, our team was chosen as one of the 3 winners by ADI. 

In their own words, "This project is an absolute no brainer to implement." 


Want to know more? The details of this project are under NDA at the moment, but I am able to talk about it on a one-to-one basis with anyone who is interested in my work. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more details!

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